Online Orders


Ordering from us online is easy

On the Price List page, next to each item is an “Add to Cart” button, unless an item is “out of stock” of which the “Add to Cart” button will be replaced with an “Out of Stock” notice. To add an item to your online shopping cart, simply click it’s “Add to Cart” button and it will appear in your shopping cart that is displayed (when there are items in your cart) at the top of every page of our website. You can change the quantity of an item in the cart by entering the quantity directly and pressing “Enter”. To remove an item click it’s red trash can.

Paying online not only helps us but you as well. It is safe, secure, and fast, and allows us to ship you your item much faster than waiting for a check in the mail.

You can then pay us online through PayPal via our shopping cart, or with a U.S.Postal money order.

To pay with a money order, contact us to get our current mailing address (we travel year long for the renaissance faires, so it changes from faire to faire) and mail it out to us. (This is why our new online shopping cart is so great!)

Once we receive payment, we will ship out your catapult order as soon as possible. If we have that catapult in stock, it will ship out within a few business days. If we don’t have it in stock, it could take as little time as a week to as much as 8 weeks to ship out your order. Please be patient and bear in mind that we make all of our catapults by hand and don’t import them. If we are at a very busy faire, special orders can take up to 8 weeks to complete. We will give you an estimated shipping time when you place your order.



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