While our catapults are designed to be played with and enjoyed by young and old alike, they are WORKING replicas and scale models!

Parents should supervise their children when they play with these machines.

Our working model siege engines are capable of launching projectiles at a very high rate of speed.

ONLY USE SOFT PROJECTILES like marshmallows and Nerf darts, and NEVER aim intentionally at another persons face, or at any animals or living things whatsoever.

Keep all body parts, including your fingers and faces, away from moving parts of the machines.

Torsion machines can break bones if you get one caught between the armature and the strike zone.

Trebuchet arms swing quickly and have a sharp pin at the end of the arm that can catch you if you are not careful.

Think before you launch your machine.

Be careful, have fun, and Siege The Day!!!


Siege The Day