About Us

We are a small family business specializing in the design and manufacture of all kinds of catapults!

You’ll see us mostly at Renaissance Faires and Medieval Festivals, but we welcome your internet orders!


This is my beautiful wife Patti. She runs the business side of things, and helps with production when we get behind. She’s also a crack-shot with a marshmallow!


My name is Kevin, and I design and build all these fun toys. Of course, we are helped out, especially with the smaller machines, with a team of awesome workers who are as dear to us as family.


Our furry companions on the road include our two German Shepherd dogs, Barnabas and Sheba, Strider our Siberian Husky, and our silly Himalayan/Siamese cat Sampson.


We travel the country in our classic Holiday Rambler motorhome. Her name is The Nautilus and she’s a faithful beauty!


We have a traveling workshop that we bring with us everywhere we go, fondly called the “In-Tents Woodshoppe.” This is where all the magic happens!

Take a look at our products, and have fun!


Siege The Day